Coast Guard Reserve Officer Programs

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Currently, the Coast Guard Reserve offers the Selected Reserve Direct Commission (SRDC) program, and the Direct Commission Physician Assistant Selected Reserve (DCPA-SELRES) program. The below excerpts describe these programs.

Direct Commission Physician Assistant Selected Reserve (DCPA-SELRES)

The multi-mission Coast Guard is looking for dedicated individuals to apply for Physician Assistant positions in our selected reserve force. As a Physician Assistant in the Coast Guard Reserve, you will personally ensure the health and well being of your shipmates; members of a Coast Guard Port Security Unit.

Selected Reserve Direct Commission (SRDC) Program

The SRDC Program offers a means for you to join the Coast Guard Reserve as an officer and serve your country part-time. As a reserve officer, you can continue your civilian employment while serving on military duty an average of 2 days a month and 2 weeks a year.