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Learn About Commitments

Coast Guard rescue boat heading out for a patrol.

Our concern is to care for the people who live, work and play in and around thousands of miles of U.S. coastal and inland waterways, but we also serve anywhere in the world where we are needed. Check out our missions!

There are 46,000 full-time Coast Guard men and women currently serving. At any time, one of them could be hanging from a helicopter to save a boater in the Atlantic, running down drug runners off the Florida coast or stopping polluters from ruining our inland lakes.

A Coast Guardsman could be flying in a helicopter over a hurricane disaster area or patrolling on a cutter, guarding New York Harbor. He or she could be cruising in a high-power Defender Class boat in the Pacific or breaking through an ice-ladened port in Alaska.

​Our Coast Guardsmen serve where they and their training are most needed to fulfill our missions. Reservists usually serve close to home, however, some do get deployed when necessary. In general, reservists live within 100 miles of their Coast Guard Reserve unit.