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Machinery Technician

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As one of the Coast Guard's largest ratings, Machinery Technician (MK) offers opportunities for assignment at every Coast Guard cutter, boat, and shore station. MKs are trained not only as technicians, but as managers and leaders --- acquiring a breadth of knowledge in all areas of machinery operation and maintenance from internal combustion engines (gas/diesel gas turbines) to environmental support systems (heating/ventilations/air conditioning), hydraulics, basic electricity, and areas of hazardous material recovery and control. In addition, MKs will learn to work on the Coast Guard's computers and computer-based programs. Many MKs are also called on to act as federal law enforcement officers.

Types of Duty:

Upon advancement, an MK may be assigned as a Shop Supervisor (managing equipment and personnel) or Engineering Petty Officer (responsible for overall management of the unit engineering department, including personnel).

Training Available:

Begin with 13 weeks of training at MK 'A' School in Yorktown, VA, or on-the-job training.


To be an MK, you must have normal color vision and mechanical aptitude, with average or better ability to solve mathematical problems. Practical experience as a mechanic, machinist, or power plant operator is extremely valuable. School courses in mechanics, machine shop, electricity, and practical math are also desirable.