Wilks Flight Initiative (WIFI)

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Overview, Initial Assignments and Career Path

The Wilk's Flight Initiative (WiFI) program originated in fiscal year 2012 and is for current high-performing officer trainees (OT's) enrolled in their senior year of the collee student pre-commissioning (CSPI) program demonstrating a strong desire and aptitude to become a part of the Coast Guard's aviation community can apply for WiFI.  Applicants must pass the aviation Selection test battery (ASTB) and successfully complete a flight physical.  Selectees earn a guaranteed appointment to flight school in Pensacola, Fla., upon successful completion of CSPI and officer candidate school (OCS).  Flight training graduates can expect subsequent assignments as a Coast Guard pilot.

WiFI Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be currently enrolled as a senior in the CSPI program, meeting all aspects of the statement of understanding (SOU).
  2. Physical (Medical): Must pass a class I, service group I, flight physical examination as specified in the Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1 (series). This physical will include specific documentation articulated in application process and physical examination.
  3. Test Score: Have a qualifying test score on the Navy and Marine Corps aviation selection test battery (ASTB).  Applicants must attain passing scores of "4" on the academic qualification rating (AQR) and "5" on the pilot flight aptitude rating (PFAR).  ASTB scores are key criteria in the selection process.  Arrangements to take the ASTB can be coordinated by the unit educational services officer (ESO).
  4. Program-Specific Requirements:  WiFI applicants must produce a new application package and follow the guidance of the appropriate check off sheet posted on gocoastguard.com.  However, applicants can re-use the officer interview (5527 form) from their CSPI application.

WiFI Terms of Service and Appointment Grade

  1. Upon completion of OCS, WiFI applicants will receive a commission as an ensign (O-1) in the Coast Guard Reserve.
  2. The obligated active service requirement for flight training is eight years after completion of flight school.  When combined with the three-year obligated service requirement incurred for completion of OCS, a WiFI graduate will have incurred 11 years of total obligated service.
  3. If a WiFI applicant does not successfully complete the flight training requirement of the program, he/she will be reassigned to a Coast Guard unit to continue a career as a Coast Guard commissioned officer.  Such officers will be required to fulfill their initial three-year Coast Guard OCS obligated service requirement, plus one additional month of active-duty obligation for each month in which they participate in flight training.

WiFI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. If I am not selected for the WiFI program, but I am still interested in being a Coast Guard pilot, what can I do?
    • You can apply to flight school at OCS, or at your subsequent assignments as a junior officer following graduation from OCS. For detailed information, please see the OCS FAQs.

Application Process:

If you are ready to apply, you must visit the Plan Your Next Move page and follow the application process, which includes downloading the forms and all necessary application elements appropriate for the WIFI program.