Recruits working out

Want to be the best?

Find out what to expect before joining the Coast Guard. Watch our video that explains the experience from beginning to end. Learn More

Operations Specialist In Command Center

Operations Specialist (OS)

The skills and knowledge Operations Specialists acquire make them highly desirable to federal, state, and local emergency planning, preparedness, and response organizations. Learn More

CS in galley

Culinary Specialist (CS)

Culinary Specialists (CS) are the creative minds behind the meals served that fuel the men and women underway. And they’re in high demand. Learn More

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New Two-Year Active Duty Enlistment Option

The U.S. Coast Guard now offers a variety of enlistment options with great military benefits. Contact a recruiter to learn more about our two-year enlistment program. Learn More

Fast Response Cutter and Small Boat

Boatswain's Mate (BM)

The Boatswain’s Mate (BM) rating sits at the operational core of every Coast Guard mission. BMs are the service’s experts in all aspects of deck seamanship and navigation. Learn More

Duty in port

Active-Duty Service

The crew of this 45-foot Response Boat -Medium, patrols the Port of Miami. Are you ready to take the helm? Learn More

U.S. Coast Guardsmen assigned to Coast Guard Port Security Unit 312 conduct an  underway area familiarization patrol aboard a 32-foot transportable port  security boat during Operation Pacific Reach Exercise 2017 (OPRex17) in  Pohang, South Korea, April 2

Coast Guard Reserve

The Coast Guard Reserve offers you the opportunity to serve your country part time while serving close to home. Learn more about the Coast Guard Reserve and the port security units (PSUs) near you. Learn More

Coasties on the bridge

College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI)

Being debt-free after college feels great. Coast Guard teamwork on the bridge of a Fast Response Cutter Learn More

Coast Guard Cutter and Helicopter

New Signing Bonus

We are now offering new active duty enlistees a $5,000 bonus if you have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a PhD. Learn More