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Ports & Waterway Security

Ensuring readiness

Along with search and rescue, port and waterway security is the Coast Guard’s primary homeland security mission. Coast Guard members protect marine resources and maritime commerce, as well as those who live, work, or recreate on the water.

Port and waterway security also involves prevention of terrorist attacks and response when terrorist acts do occur. Counter-terrorism preparedness and response operations all fall within the scope of port and waterway security.

Anti-Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Defeating terrorism requires an integrated, comprehensive approach that maximizes effectiveness without duplicating efforts, which is why the Coast Guard maintains law enforcement teams dedicated to fighting terrorism on our waters.

Maritime law enforcement teams serve as a tactical resource with advanced counter-terrorism skills. Teams are trained to seek out and stop potential terrorist activity before it can be initiated.
These anti-terrorism experts enforce security zones, conduct law enforcement boardings, ensure maritime security, augment shoreside security at waterfront facilities, and detect weapons of mass destruction.

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