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Damage Controlman

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A damage controlman (DC) assigned to cutters is responsible for watertight integrity, emergency equipment associated with firefighting and flooding, plumbing repairs, welding fabrication and repairs, chemical, biological and nuclear-warfare detection, and decontamination.

Types of Duty:

DCs are stationed throughout the Coast Guard, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Afloat assignments for DCs include all major cutters, buoy tenders, and river tenders. Aboard cutters, DCs are assigned to the engineering department where they qualify to stand engineering watches.

Training Available:

Training to become a DC can be accomplished by on-the-job training or by attending damage controlman 'A' school in Yorktown, Va. In the 15 weeks of DC 'A' school, students will have classroom instruction and lab time in each of the following areas: welding; oxy-fuel gas cutting; firefighting; carpentry; plumbing; watertight closure maintenance; chemical, biological, and radiological warfare defense; and shipboard damage control. Advanced training in welding, firefighting, and shipboard damage control procedures are available for DCs assigned to cutters. They are also available and even required for some land billets.


To be a DC, you should have an interest in performing construction, repairs, and responding to emergencies. Practical experience or prior training in welding, carpentry, plumbing, and firefighting is helpful, but not required.

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