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  • Benefits Specialist
  • Office Administrator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Client Service Associate

YNs are key problem-solvers, counselors, and sources of information to personnel on questions ranging from career moves, entitlements, and incentive programs to retirement options and veterans' benefits. They are the men and women who make things happen, the indispensable behind-the-scenes personnel that make any well-oiled organization hum.

Types of Duty:

The vast majority of Yeoman billets are land based with few onboard cutters. Although most units that employ YNs are located in larger metropolitan areas, there are opportunities to serve at group offices in smaller localities.

Training Available:

Student centered-performance based instruction (A school) lasting eight weeks in Petaluma, Calif. There are a few slots available for the distance learning course.


Prioritization and organization skills are highly desired. Good interpersonal skills are a must. Ability to use computers extensively to research issues on the Internet and the CG Intranet, prepare spreadsheets and word-processing documents, and perform data entry and retrieval are also extremely helpful.

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