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CSPI-Student Loan Repayment Program (CSPI-SLRP)


  • Overview, Initial Assignments and Career Path: CSPI-SLRP is a program designed for motivated individuals who demonstrate a high caliber of academic and leadership excellence and who desire to serve their country in the United States Coast Guard. Students currently enrolled or in a bachelor's degree program, recent graduate from a bachelor’s program or enrolled in a graduate program at pre-designated college or institution*(defined below) with the desire to receive a guaranteed commission as an officer in the United States Coast Guard can apply for SLRP.

    Students who are accepted into the SLRP will be enlisted into the United States Coast Guard, complete Basic Training during the summer, followed by operational exposure, leadership training, and OCS.  Upon commissioning, they will receive up to $10k per year for six years for repayment of student debt.

    After completing boot camp, SLRP officer trainees (OTs) attend a three week leadership training course in New London, CT followed by four months assigned to operational Coast Guard units, spending time at both afloat and ashore units.  SLRP students receive training and exposure to Coast Guard missions and units where they learn about the daily life of Coast Guard officers and enlisted members as well as completing watchstander qualifications and training, garnering valuable experience increasing the student’s likelihood of success upon joining the Coast Guard work force as an officer. 

    Following the time at Coast Guard units, SLRP OTs attend the 17-week officer candidate school (OCS) in New London, CT. Upon successful completion of OCS, graduates receive a commission as an Ensign (O-1) and an assignment in one of the many exciting Coast Guard missions, including (but not limited to) marine safety and prevention, contingency planning, law enforcement and incident management, vessel navigation and safety, search and rescue coordination and icebreaking.

    SLRP Eligibility Requirements:

  • Age: Applicants must have reached their 21st but not their 28th birthday as of 30 September of the fiscal year in which the selection panel convenes.
  • Character Standards:
    • All applicants must be of outstanding moral character.
  • Citizenship: Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • CSPI-SLRP Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

  • Program-Specific Requirements: SLRP applicants must be willing to accept and fulfill all requirements of the program Statement of Understanding (SOU). The SOU stipulates work hours, training, character, academic and administrative expectations of students who have been accepted into the program.
  • Tattoos: Applicants may not have tattoos or body markings that are inconsistent with the CG tattoo, body marking, body piercing, and mutilation policy (COMDINST 1000.1)
  • CSPI-SLRP Terms of Service and Appointment Grade:

  • Selectees enlist in the CG in pay grade E-3 with a four year active duty obligation and a four-year inactive Reserve obligation.
  • At OCS graduation, SLRP members will be discharged from their enlisted status and commissioned as an O-1 (Ensign) Coast Guard officer (reserve commission) with an initial five-year (5) active-duty obligation.
  • If selectee does not successfully complete OCS, they will be separated from the Coast Guard, for Convenience of the Government.
  • If selectee complete boot camp but fails to complete OCS, they would forfeit any financial or loan repayment incentive provided to OCS graduates of the CSPI-SLRP program.
  • ASVAB: 109 GT (General Technical score: sum of Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) and Verbal (VE) scores, taken after 1 July 2004).
  • ASVAB: 110 GT (if taken before 1 July 2004).
  • SAT I: 1100 (Combined score, taken from 1 April 1995 to 31 March 2005).
  • SAT: 1100 (Combination of Critical Reading and Math, taken after 31 March 2005).
  • ACT: 23 (Composite).
  • Clearance: Must be eligible for a Secret Clearance.
  • Dependency:
    • If single, may not have sole or primary custody of dependents.
    • May not have more than 2 dependents.
  • Education:
  • Grade Point Average: Must have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • Financial: 
    • Must meet all financial obligations, and not have a debt to income ratio in excess of 30% ratio of debt to projected income at applicant’s accession level (i.e. at the E-3 level).
    • May not have filed for bankruptcy in the last 10 years
  • Interview: SLRP applicants must receive the recommendation of a Coast Guard interview board, consisting of 3 Coast Guard Officers.
  • Military Service: Current or prior military service members are ineligible.
  • Physical (Medical): Must pass a commissioning physical (including):
    • Normal Color Vision
    • Meet height/weight standards
    • Must be able to pass a physical fitness test and swim test prior to graduation from Boot camp and OCS.
    • Test Score: Receive a qualifying score in one of the following (test scores are valid indefinitely):