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CMSs protect Coast Guard networks and the Marine Transportation System from cyber risks. You'll detect and disrupt adversary activities with full spectrum cybersecurity operations. Your vigilance and actions will contain and minimize threats, ensuring continuity of Coast Guard and national defense missions. CMSs are typically assigned to dedicated cyber shore units.

  • Vigilant?
  • Comfortable with computer software?
  • Excited to solve challenging technical problems?
  • Attentive to detail?

Network Analysis
Risk identification

At the current implementation phase of this new rate, you cannot apply to become a CMS until you have advanced to E-4 in another rating. In future phases, new CMSs will receive a 24-week rating course in Pensacola, FL or Augusta, GA, with instruction in basic technical knowledge for cyber operations.

Advance training in risk analysis, network traffic and security threat analysis, blue and red cell operations, and cloud security. Numerous opportunities exist for industry certifications.

Both full-time and part-time Coast Guard-funded educational opportunities leading to an Associate or Bachelors Degree or higher may be available.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • Security Analyst