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CSs keep Coast Guard crews fed by preparing meals to the highest standards of nutrition, taste, and food safety. Before the food even hits the pan, you'll be responsible for the intricate details of logistics, accounting, menu planning, and inventory management to keep pantries well stocked. You'll be trained in a variety of culinary arts to keep the menu fresh and morale high. CSs are typically assigned to galleys on cutters, ashore, or at VIP facilities.

  • Passionate about food?
  • Creative and resourceful?
  • Comfortable with math and accounting?
  • Customer service-focused?

Food preparation
Menu planning
Accounting and inventory management

  • CSs receive a 13-week rating course in Petaluma, CA, with instruction in culinary fundamentals, advanced methods, and techniques.
  • Independent duty culinary service officer certification, advanced pastry and baking training, and advanced culinary skills training (ACF certified).
  • Specifically, the Culinary Arts program is available to the CS rating.


  • Chef
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Finance and Logistics Manager
  • Hospitality Manager