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EMs are responsible for electrical equipment, including power generation and distribution systems, propulsion motors, navigation equipment, and machinery control systems. You'll be trained in electrical theory, circuit applications, programmable logic, and fiber optics principles. At smaller units, an EM may be the Engineer Petty Officer, who is responsible for the engineering department and equipment. EMs are assigned to a wide variety of units.

  • Interested in electrical and mechanical systems?
  • Good at math or problem solving? 
  • Excited to solve challenging technical problems?
  • Interested in a STEM career?

Electrical theory
Circuits and programmable logic
Fiber optics

  • EMs receive a 16-week rating course in Yorktown, VA, with instruction in mathematics, physics, and electrical circuit analysis.
  • Advanced training in analog and digital electronics, programmable logic controllers, fiber optics, gyrocompass systems, power generation and speed control, and machinery plant control.
  • Specifically, the Engineering Technology program is available to the EM rating.

  • Master/Journeyman Electrician
  • Electrical/Electronics Installer and Repairer
  • Power Distributor and Dispatcher
  • Power Plant Operator
  • Maintenance Supervisor