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GMs are responsible for all firearms and weapons systems, ammunition, and pyrotechnics in the Coast Guard. You'll be trained in mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic systems, as well as ammunition and pyrotechnics handling. GMs use, maintain, and train others on all Coast Guard small arms and shipboard weapons systems to ensure every unit's readiness to perform law enforcement and defense duties. GMs are assigned to a wide variety of units both afloat and ashore.

  • Comfortable with firearms?
  • Attentive to detail?
  • Inclined toward mechanics and math?
  • Interested in law enforcement or security?

Firearms maintenance
Firearms instruction
Law enforcement

  • GMs receive a 10-week rating course in Yorktown, VA, with instruction in electronic and mechanical systems, as well as hydraulics.
  • Advanced training in weapons systems maintenance and small arms instruction.
  • Both full-time and part-time Coast Guard-funded educational opportunities that lead to an associate degree, bachelor's degree, or higher may be available.

  • Firearms Instructor
  • Electronics Technician
  • Gunsmith
  • Ammunition Foreman
  • Hydraulic Equipment Operator