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HSs meet the urgent medical needs of those in distress and maintain the readiness of Coast Guard crews. You'll be trained in emergency medical care and specialties such as X-ray technician, diagnostic testing, pharmacy, and dental treatment. You may prescribe medications, administer immunizations, or perform minor surgical procedures. HSs are typically assigned to cutters or Coast Guard clinics ashore.

  • Detail-oriented?
  • Drawn to medicine or dental health?
  • Strong in STEM subjects?

Laboratory procedures
Wound repair

  • HSs receive a 22-week rating course in Petaluma, CA, with instruction in clinical laboratory procedures, sterilization techniques, preventative medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and wound treatment.
  • Advanced X-ray technician training, pharmacy technician training, behavioral health training, independent duty certification, and nationally registered emergency medical technician (EMT) training.
  • Specifically, the Health Care Administration and Physician Assistant programs are available to the HS rating.

  • Community Health Worker
  • EMT
  • X-ray Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Medical or Dental Assistant