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While many ratings participate in law enforcement, MEs are the Coast Guard's specialists. You'll lead and train your crew's boarding teams and maintain the unit's law enforcement equipment. When situations demand the highest risk tactics, like helicopter insertion or opposed boardings, deployable specialized forces of MEs get the call.  MEs are typically assigned to cutters, boat stations, and specialized units.

  • Passionate about law enforcement?
  • Physically and mentally fit?
  • Able to excel under stress?
  • Confident and assertive?

Leadership and communication
Maritime law enforcement
Tactical law enforcement operations

  • MEs receive a 10-week rating course in Charleston, SC, with instruction in maritime law enforcement, force protection, weapons, and coastal security operations.
  • Advanced training in security tactics, police academy, emergency vehicle operation.
  • Both full-time and part-time Coast Guard-funded educational opportunities that lead to an associate degree, bachelor's degree, or higher may be available.

  • Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement
  • Physical and Personal Security Officer
  • Safety and Security Advisor
  • Corrections Officer