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OSs are the Coast Guard's preeminent emergency managers. You'll provide situational awareness, manage information, and develop plans for missions ranging from search and rescue to law enforcement, national defense, and more. From command centers ashore and at sea, OSs communicate with boaters in distress, develop search patterns, and guide Coast Guard units to assist. OSs are typically assigned to sectors, districts, and cutters.

  • Calm under pressure?
  • Attentive to detail?
  • Interested in coordinating response actions?
  • Punctual?

Coordinating missions
Handling classified information
Operating navigation and communication systems

  • OSs receive a 13-week rating course in Petaluma, CA, with instruction in handling classified information, navigation, communications systems, and search and rescue planning.
  • Tactical action officer training, command duty officer training, and air direction controller training, along with training in electronic warfare and emergency management.
  • Specifically, the Emergency Management program is available to the OS rating.

  • Emergency Management Director
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Emergency Services Planner
  • Dispatch Operator
  • Homeland Security Officer