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Refer to the Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2 (series) for more information about eligibility requirements.


There’s no limit on the number of tattoos you can have, but there are location restrictions and decency standards.


Fitness Standards

Physical fitness is important to military readiness. The Coast Guard’s fitness standards can be challenging, so start training your body early in the enlistment process.


At boot camp, enlisted recruits are expected to perform:

  • One minute of push-ups (men: 29, women: 15)
  • One minute of sit-ups (men: 38, women 32)
  • 1.5-mile timed run (men: 12:51, women: 15:26)


At Officer Candidate School (OCS), officer candidates are expected to perform:

  • Cadence push-ups: one second down, one second up (men: 30, women: 20)
  • Two minutes of sit-ups (men: 60, women: 60)
  • 1.5-mile timed run (men: 10:59, women: 12:49)



Both boot camp and OCS include swim training. If you are uncomfortable in the water, you may benefit from strengthening your abilities before arrival.


Coast Guard Recruiting Command can authorize case-by-case waivers to certain entrance standards for otherwise strong candidates. Your recruiter will determine if any are appropriate for you.