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Maximum Recruiting Effort

Two Coast Guard members smiling on deck.

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Everyone Is A Recruiter

The "Everyone Is A Recruiter" program now provides cash incentives as well as other recognition for individuals who make a referral that results in an enlistment in the Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserve. Use your personal network and opportunities in your daily life to connect with people who have the potential to join the Coast Guard.  Learn More


Coast Guard units can do even more than individuals alone. Organization at the unit level can showcase our missions and assets to a broader audience. Opportunities to host public open houses or to engage community organizations can build an awareness and appreciation of our Service on which recruiting can build. A formally designated Coast Guard Recruiting Liaison can be useful to maximize the synergy of these efforts with established recruiters. Learn More

“I am calling on every member of our Coast Guard – military, civilian, Auxiliary, retiree, and family – to put forth a maximum effort to recruit the workforces of our future.” – ADM Karl Schultz, COMDT, ALCOAST 175/22