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Maritime Enforcement Specialist

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  • Physical and personal security positions

Protecting America's Ports, Waterways, and Interests at home and abroad. Maritime Enforcement Specialists are trained in Maritime Law Enforcement, Anti-terrorism, Force Protection, and Physical Security.

Types of Duty

Maritime Enforcement Specialists are a cadre of professionals well grounded in knowledge and skills pertaining to law enforcement and security duties. As such, members of this rating can be expected to be assigned challenging duties including traditional maritime law enforcement, anti-terrorism, force protection, port security and safety, as well as providing unit-level training in these fields.

Training Available

You'll begin your career with 10 weeks of intensive specialized training at ME 'A' School in Charleston, SC, which which provides an introduction into the ME rating force. While at ME 'A' school, you will learn how to provide security and law enforcement support for Coast Guard missions to include: Leadership, Physical Fitness, Communication, Safety, Rate Training, and Administration, Security, Maritime Law Enforcement, Tactical Operations, Port Readiness, Weapons Familiarization and Qualification, Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security, Anti Terrorism and Force Protection.

Required Qualifications:

Must be eligible for a SECRET clearance.
Must have Normal Color Vision.
Have no domestic violence convictions or restraining orders prohibiting them from legally carrying a firearm.
Must be in compliance with the Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards.
Must pass the Boat Crew Physical Fitness test.

Desirable Characteristics:

Be physically fit.
Have strong leadership and instructional abilities.
Have a strong interest in law enforcement and security.

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