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Marine Science Technician

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As an MST, your job may change with the operational tempo set by the extensive number of missions you will respond to throughout your career in the USCG. From protecting U.S. waters and the public from oil and hazardous material responses to conducting safety and security inspections, an MST plays the essential role of enforcing regulations for the safety of the marine environment and the security of the port.

As a port state control officer, an MST conducts vessel boardings to ensure compliance with applicable domestic laws and international treaties by checking structural and stability conditions, by verifying appropriate electrical, fire safety, lifesaving, mechanical and navigation systems, and by examining living conditions for crew members on foreign-flagged vessels.

On the waterfront, an MST will conduct commercial waterfront facility inspections to ensure compliance with safety and security federal regulations. An MST will also conduct shipping container inspections for hazardous material and structural compliance.

As an MST, your ability to plan makes you an invaluable asset to the setup and exercise planning of any incident command system for response to anything from local, port-security threats to natural and environmental disasters with nationwide impact.

In the maritime security role, an MST will enforce security requirements at waterfront facilities, and on foreign-flagged vessels. MSTs identify the actions required to respond to current and future security threats and concerns involving the maritime transportation system.

Types of Duty:

MSTs are stationed at Sectors, and Marine Safety Units and Detachments. MSTs are also stationed at the Marine Safety Lab in New London CT and the International Ice Patrol in New London, CT.

Training Available:

You'll begin your career with 9-weeks of intensive specialized training at MST 'A' School in Yorktown, Va., which provides an introduction into the MST rating force and the foundational skills needed to investigate oil and hazardous-material pollution incidents, supervise pollution cleanup operations, perform commercial waterfront facility and security inspections, and conduct safety and security boardings on foreign-flagged vessels coming into the territorial waters of the United States.


  • Must be people-oriented
  • Strong attention-to-detail attributes
  • Highly flexible and consistent
  • Training and experience in environmental sciences is helpful