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Work-life Balance

The Coast Guard is only as strong as you are—that’s why we believe that work-life balance is so important. While some assignments can be intense and demanding, a steady pace with shorter deployments make them manageable. 

You’ll also earn 30 days of paid vacation annually and enjoy up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave if you decide to start or grow your family. You can even press pause on your Coast Guard career for up to two years and return where you left off, or transition to a part-time reserve career. 

A Sense of Community

The Coast Guard is a small service with a strong emphasis on camaraderie and teamwork. You’ll see familiar faces throughout your career, and meet individuals from all over the country with a similar commitment to shared values. These family-like friends and mentors will form a network you can lean on throughout your entire life.

Stories from the Fleet

Coast Guard members lead interesting lives away from work. Check out some of their stories of how they found their work-life balance.