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Naval Engineering

As a naval engineer, you’ll be part of one of the Coast Guard’s largest programs as you execute and oversee the design, construction, acquisition, operation, maintenance, and sustainment of cutters and boats. 

You’ll start your career learning basic shipboard engineering fundamentals in the engineering department of a cutter. Next, you’ll have shore assignment focusing on ship maintenance management and contract officer certification. You’ll also have the chance to earn a fully funded master’s degree and return to sea for a second afloat assignment as the engineer officer on a large cutter.

The naval engineering specialty pairs well with the afloat operations specialty and you can easily compete for additional afloat opportunities, including command.

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers manage the entire life cycle of the Coast Guard’s shore infrastructure, including planning, budgeting, design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and divestiture. Most first assignments are hands-on at a civil engineering unit, facilities design and construction center, or facilities engineering office. As you gain experience, you’ll transition to management-focused roles. 

This flexible subspecialty encourages officers to pursue out-of-specialty tours, career-broadening assignments, and graduate studies in civil engineering, ocean engineering, and engineering management.

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As an expert in cyber, you’ll gain the training, clearance, and qualifications to build, secure, operate, defend, and protect Coast Guard and U.S. cyberspace resources. You’ll develop and enhance your skills through on-the-job-training and experience, as well as graduate school opportunities and out-of-specialty assignments. 

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How to Become an Engineering or Cyber Officer

If you have prior education and experience, you can enter the field through the DCE program or through a general source like OCS, and choose assignments in the specialty, although it helps greatly to have a STEM degree.